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A review of the application of sanitary surveys in Europe
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Revue de l'application des études sanitaires en Europe
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Lee Ronald
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The European Food Hygiene Regulation (EC) No. 854/2004, effective from 1 January 2006, required that an assessment be made of sources of pollution of bivalve mollusc fisheries (a sanitary survey) prior to an area being classified. The Community Reference Laboratory (CRL) Guide to Good Practice for the Microbiological Monitoring of Bivalve Mollusc Harvesting Areas (GPG), produced by an EU expert working group, gave recommendations on the implementation and application of sanitary surveys. Significant experience has been gained in applying sanitary surveys in a European context. The benefits of the process have been recognized by both the authorities and the industry. However, it has been identified that some of the approaches recommended in the GPG should be modified to benefit from that experience. Possible revisions are explored in light of both the European experiences and the outputs of an International Workshop on Sanitary Surveys held at the CRL in September 2008.
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mollusque bivalve ; Escherichia coli ; contrôle sanitaire ; pollution ; microbiologie
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bivalve mollusc ; Escherichia coli ; sanitary survey ; pollution ; microbiology
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10 p.
7. Management and regulation
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7th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety
14/6/2009 - 19/6/2009