Colloque / Conference

Titre original
Original title
Selected problems of water engineering
Sous-titre original
Original subtitle
Politechnika Krakowsha Cemagref: results of cooperation
Résumé original
Original abstract
The interests shared by both Cemagref and the Polytechnic University of Krakow (PUK) in hydrology and hydraulics were reinforced by joint research tasks relating to flood prevention, the design and management of hydraulic structures (bridges, dams etc.), and the management and quality of continental aquatic environments. Halfway through the duration of the contract between Cemagref and PUK, which was signed in 2000, a seminar that presented the results of the research, and prospects for the future, was held in Krakow from 9th to 11th October 2003. This book constitutes a summary of the subjects discussed during this seminar, "Selected problems of water engineering. Politechnika Krakowska - Cemagref : results of cooperation", jointly organized by Cemagref and PUK in Poland.
UPK ; Cemagref
Comité d'organisation
Organization committee
Antoni BOJARSKI ; Zofia Greplowska ; Barbara Kopczynska ; Kataryna Snopkowska ; Alain Vidal ; Lucia Belloni ; Raoul Mille ; Catherine Guillard
Affiliation du comité d'organisation
Organization committee affiliation
UPK ; Cemagref
Comité scientifique
Scientific committee
Elzbieta Nachlik ; Hanna Witkowska ; Jerzy Szczesny ; Jerzy Ratomski ; Pierrick Givone ; André Paquier ; Paul Royet
Affiliation du comité scientifique
Scientific committee affiliation
UPK ; Cemagref
Editeur / Publisher
PK ; Cemagref
Date / Date
9/10/2003 au 11/10/2003
Lieu / Location
Krakow, Pologne

Communications / Papers
Seminar opening
1. Dynamic slowing of runoff from the catchment
2. Modeling of river bed deformations
3. Maintenance and safety of hydraulic structures

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